JSON Feed external_url

I love that JSON feed support landed so quickly. Great job on that.

I wonder if it might be possible to (perhaps optionally?) have titles link to the external_url if provided. Or maybe provide both; titles could still link to the url and maybe a “→” that links to the external_url could be appended to the title?

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You’re not the only one wondering which one to use. @gruber sent me this tweet: https://twitter.com/gruber/status/867087009457852416

I suppose I was waiting for this exact support thread to pop up. Anybody else want to see the external url used instead?

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Ok, I’ve now had 3 independent requests. Switched!

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Thanks for the amazingly quick response. I think defaulting to the external url is desirable when it is provided, and it at least matches the behavior of the Daring Fireball rss feed. Link blogs that behave in a similar fashion usually put their site’s url somewhere in the body of the post (e.g. DF links via the star), so that should still be accessible in many cases.