JSON feed and story view, load url instead of external_url

It appears that right now for JSON feeds the story view displays the external_url. (Just so simple it loads whatever the item titles points to? I know you previously switched that from url to external_url.)

I expected and would prefer if it instead displayed the regular url. 

Usually when there is an external url that means the post is linking to something external but also making some comment on it (like most posts on Daring Fireball). I would expect to see the comment made by the site that I’m subscribed to and then click through to the external site after that.

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I originally built it this way but it was pointed out that external_url is how the RSS feeds operate. After looking at the two options, I decided that external URL is correct.

Most RSS feeds do it that way yes. But they work that way due to the limitations of RSS, you can only have one url so you make it what you link to so that users don’t have to first open your site and then click another link to get to the linked story.

This causes a problem for story mode where it shows the external site and you have to switch mode to see what the site you’re actually subscribed to is saying.

With JSON feed it is finally possible to have story view show the site your subscribed to while sill having all links and other modes work just like they do with RSS.

Maybe it could be a setting if nothing else?