jQuery blog feed changed automatically to Comments feed.

I have had the jQuery blog feed for some time and today the feed is not pointing to their Comments feed. The correct one is: http://blog.jquery.com/feed/ and it is now listed as http://blog.jquery.com/comments/feed/

I deleted the jQuery comments feed that had been changed automatically for some reason without me doing anything. Then I tried to add back the correct blog.jquery.com/feed/ site and when it added it the listing came back as blog.jquery.com/comments/feed/.

Any ideas why this is happening? Also, why would a feed that I had entered long ago and was working fine suddenly be changed? Was some new code launched that went through all the feeds and updated them?


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It’s because they messed up the RSS feed to just mimic the webpage. See the feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jquery.

Not much I can do. In fact, in trying to clean it up, I removed the offending feed. And there’s nothing to subscribe to, so there is no good solution to this problem. We’ll just have to wait until jQuery gets the feed working again.

Makes sense. Thanks for checking in on this and glad it is an isolated issue.