It's like a ghost takes over my Newsblur

(I wouldn’t categorize this as a particularly urgent bug; it’s interesting, though)

In this video:…

I have NewsBlur open in two tabs. In one tab, I mark everything as read (which could just as easily have happened on another computer or device, a more realistic scenario).

On the other tab, I’m using the “n” keyboard shortcut a few times to jump to “next unread”. As soon as this jumps to another feed, craziness ensues! It’ll just keep automatically scrolling through the stories until it hits the end. I also jumped to a larger feed to demonstrate the scrolling again.

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This should be addressed by newsblur syncing unread counts between tabs. Why it’s not doing that is an issue. Do you have the mobile app? It’s built so that when you read a story on ios/android, it instantly updates your unread count on the web. Well, the web should work the same way. If you have two tabs open, reading on one of them will update the other. That’s not happening and is the cause for the discrepency.

What I should probably do is build a method to update the unread count if the story isn’t found within a couple page loads.