It's a simple question, Samuel.

In other words, no really was the answer. Thanks for validating my guess.

No need for a refund, as I am happy to continue using your service. With the exception of it not fetching feeds in a timely fashion, everything else is above average.

In the future, you probably should not make blanket statements like the one I quoted unless you are willing to update it should it stop being true.

Finally, when a customer asks a yes or no question, it’s best to answer with yes or no if you possibly can.

Don’t worry, you’ll get better at customer service as you get older.


Marvin K Mooney, will you please go now??

"Don’t worry, you’ll get better at customer service as you get older. "

If you’re the model for ageing, he will also become more shrill and whiny. Please, please get a life.

I also couldn’t help but notice that there are no numbers in this thread. Please post a few site urls so I can see which feeds are causing you to be so concerned.

Karen, I will miss you most of all!

You have satisfied my question with the answers you have given here. Thanks.

As I have got older, I have realised that many of the people who annoy others because they get some bee in their bonnet that they can’t let go of, are themselves getting frustrated because they have a very black-and-white view of a complex, partially grey situation,and they don’t get satisfaction when reality won’t fit itself neatly into a box.

The fact that you are demanding a Yes or No answer when the answer is more complicated than that, and then drawing the least generous conclusion when you are given a grey answer, suggests that you are falling into that trap.

Consider that your mental model of the situation ("It’s simple! Either he is meeting a solemn pledge he made to us, or he isn’t!) may be inappropriate, and a deeper understanding may give a more nuanced view (“Software development is complex and subject to change as new information comes to light. The most appropriate way to measure feed update times isn’t the same as it first appeared. The speed isn’t directly measurable according to the previous ideas. However, the effort to speed things up did happen, feed updates did get faster, no commitments were ignored, there is no reason to complain about a general slowness.Nothing is being hidden. If you still have specific issues, you need to ask about them specifically.”

Good grief. Marvin the Martian over here really doesn’t get the concept of basic manners does he? Note to Marvin: We Earthlings value those who treat each other with respect and dignity. As you demonstrate neither of those qualities, be aware that your time on Earth may prove disappointing as the native species will continue to treat you with the contempt you deserve.

There’s something very peculiar about your behavior. Why haven’t you given any identifying information? Not a single feed nor your username.

Maybe he’s from competitor company trying to sabotage you? :slight_smile:

Noone can ever beat NewsBlur :slight_smile:

I regret reading this post…


Everyone who reads this forum is getting fed up with your multiple threads and constant bumping of questions that Samuel has already answered.

You can’t complain about lack of transparency when Newsblur’s *entire codebase* is available to view on github.

If you were polite and just asked for a refund I’m sure you’d be getting a more helpful response. Being rude just gets people’s backs up.


I think more NewsBlur users would be happier than not if Samuel didn’t waste his time with condescending queries like this…and I gather Samuel figured that out.


For the sake of everybody else reading this thread, I’ll point you to my recent responses on the linked thread, where I answered Brick House a few times. To repeat, feeds are fetched based on how often they update. Only considering solo subscriber feeds, a healthy feed that posts once a day will get fetched often, while following a linear path from every hour to every few hours when only posting once a month. Below that, NewsBlur shows why the feed is fetched infrequently in the Statistics dialog, to where I referred you earlier and answers your question.

You undoubtedly realize by now, based on the many responses above mine, that you are abusing the support forum. If you are not completely happy with NewsBlur, and feel that support gets you nowhere, please use one of my many fine competitors. And if you’re premium, please tell me your username so I can offer you a refund.