Items showing up in feeds, but not containing folder, on iOS

I have items that aren’t showing up in the folder view in iOS. For example, I have a folder which claims to have 1 unread item, but if I view the folder, it’s empty. If I expand the folder, I can see the item in the individual feed, load that feed, and read the item. But it’s a frequent enough problem that doing this is a pain.

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I also have a folder that never shows items in iOS. On the web site, I can select the folder and view unread items in it, but on iOS, it always displays empty. I can view items feed-by-feed but it’s a big folder so that’s not very convenient. All my other folders work fine in iOS, so I’m at a bit of a loss how to diagnose the one that doesn’t.

Oh, and I’ll add that I just upgraded to the beta version of Newsblur on iOS a few minutes ago, and the problem is unchanged. (I’m also on iOS 8 now, but had the same problem on iOS 7)