Items not showing up in river views

I’m seeing extensive issues this morning with items showing up on the individual feed level but not in “river” views (folder level or “everything” level).

On the left side right now it says I have 43 unread “focus” (green) items but when I click on “Everything” nothing shows up; it thinks I’ve read them all. Clicking on a folder with unread items similarly shows me no unread items; it’s only when I click on a feed with unread items that I can see those unread items. And some of those items are from today so this is an ongoing issue.

I pretty much live in river views, so this is … annoying.

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Were you on I migrated everybody who wasn’t over to use the new River system, which is tremendously faster. Two users fell through the cracks for various reasons, but it’s possible your account did as well. I’ll take a look.

Actually, I just checked your account and the River seems to be working perfectly, loading every story just fine. Something else may be happening here. Are you getting an error? Try refresh the page and seeing if it’s still happening. I’d love to fix it, but I’m not sure what’s the issue.

I was indeed on dev.

And it’s definitely still happening. If you’re in my account, check out how in “Everything” there’s nothing unread before July 20… then look at the “Bad Astronomy” feed where I have 5 unread items from the 18th and 19th. Just as an example.

I first noticed it because I had nothing unread in the green “focus” category, but the items on the left side show 38 unread items in individual feeds, and when I click on those feeds I see the unread items. None of the missing items seems to be more recent than the 22nd.

In particular I’m no longer seeing any issues from today. It’s possible I might have miscounted those.

Try now. It should work fine. Once you said the 20th I realized what happened.

Here’s the thing, in order to ship the new fast river (which is the same thing as oldest-first and unread-only view), I had to migrate all tens of millions of stories into the new redis database. However, this was 10 days ago and it was too much to do. So instead I just flipped the switch and slowly started migrating only new stories that came in after that date.

In order to get older stories in, I have to sync specific feeds. So I just went through your account and synced all of your sites’ stories.

Just confirm that it’s done. I’m nearly positive that it worked, but if it didn’t, I want to get to the bottom of it.

That did it! Great, thank you!!

Is this “sync” something the user can trigger?

Definitely not. It’s also an issue that would’ve disappeared exactly 14 days after the 20th. And for every new user coming in today, they wouldn’t notice it at all. So I just let it go, hoping those 4 days of stories would be ignored in the river. And I converted many highly read feeds, just not every single site.

If anybody else finds this happening to them, specifically stories not showing up in the river from before the 20th, let me know and I can right it instantly.

Cool, makes sense. Just wondering. Again, thank you!!