items not saving/unsaving

When I click to save a story or unsave a story on my computer it looks like it’s been successful but if I refresh the page it does not stick. However, saving and unsaving works fine on my android app.


Figured it out. Turns out yesterdays DB maintenance caused a bunch of app servers to go into an in-between state where they kept failing. Fixed it but I need to investigate how to prevent it from happening again.

Unfortunately this seems to be only partially fixed. Unsaving items works fine but saving them seems to only work sometimes. Thanks for working on this!

How many saved tags do you have? It’s possible that recalculating story tags is taking a while.

I don’t really use the tags - I only have about five, I think. And the number of saved stories I currently have is 34.

It’s looking to me like when I try to save a story if I’m viewing all stories it works, but not when I’m looking at unread only.

unsaving does not seem to work, the number of saved pages is changing in the left pane, but when i open the items, the unsaved ones still appear.

Similar thing here: when I add a site or when I save a training, everything keeps “Saving” forever and never completes.

The iPhone app saves both trainings and new sites, it’s just the desktop version that it’s not working. Tried Chrome and IE.

Hello there,
i still have the same issue with saving/unsaving.
No matter what the counter shows, if I add or remove a story, the saved items do not change.
Thanks a lot

Some unsaved stories reappearing as saved. Mac OS X 10.10.3, Safari Version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3).

Update: Unsaved stories appeared to stay unsaved on the iOS side, and closing and reopening NewsBlur in Safari seemed to bring things back into sync. I’m considering this ticket closed unless the issue pops up again and I can’t work around it.

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Aha! Fresh insight: At least some of the old (late 2013) saved stories that I thought were reappearing are ones that in fact I haven’t seen before in this round of reviewing and purging.