Items not marked as read unless I stop scrolling

Articles do not get marked as read unless the red dorito stops when I’m scrolling. This means that all the boring items I just scroll through don’t get marked as read.

I’m using Newsblur in “feed” view in Safari on an iPad.


Sounds like a denounce instead of a throttle. More likely it’s your browser. Ohhh, you’re using NewsBlur on your iPad? You should definitely be using the NewsBlur iPad app: I’ll add a callout for iOS devices for the website.

I do normally use the app instead of the browser- it’s pretty good, but I jumped to NewsBlur in the browser for a bit because of some small problems with the app. I wondered if the problem occurred more broadly than Safari on my iPad.

I just deployed the Smart App Banner that directs you to the native app, but yeah, I don’t bother with working on the website on iOS, since it’s just such a crappy experience and isn’t worth it.