Issue with site for both Android app and web based newsblur

I suspect this could be a problem in the sites RSS feed vs newsblur itself, but I’m not well versed in RSS formatting. Here are the two issues when Newsblur tries to parse Feed

For the Android app, I display stories from the feed in list format. When you tap a story to read it, it launches NOT what is tapped, but a story on the list closely adjacent to the listed item. If you deliberately select “View Original”, the correct story is shown. However, if you just tap the headline of the story you selected, what launches is a “nearby-on-the-list-of-stories” article. It can be very frustrating, as its always the “wrong” story, unless “View Original” is the manner of selection.

For the regular website of viewing Feed, launching a news item effectively CLOSES newsblur, and replaces the tab with the news story selected instead of launching the news story in a new tab, as most feeds do. Then, must be relaunched to return to it.

If this is a programmatic error with the feed itself rather than newsblur, if you can share what it is, I can attempt to contact the website authors to point out their error. Conversely, if this is a flaw in how newsblur handles Feed, I’d humbly ask you if it can be corrected.