Is there way to close folders in the sidebar so the feeds within don't appear?

Is there way to close folders in the sidebar? Clicking on the folder title loads all the feeds in the folder. I noticed a “-” icon on the right of the folder title, but it disappears when I mouse over it. I have several folders of feeds I only check occasionally and would like to keep them closed most of the time. (I’m on Chrome 27)

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Try on That icon isn’t supposed to disappear. I’m afraid Chrome might be doing something wrong. Is that the dev Chrome?

Same deal on the minus icon disappears. Chrome 27 is the latest main branch (stable) release.

Actually, the same bug occurs on Safari (6.0.4, dev and live sites) but works in Firefox (20) (This is all on OS X.)

Hrm, something’s up, because I use Safari for development and it works great. Not only that, Chrome 26 (for some reason, the latest version I have) also works fine.

It seems like it works if you mouse over just the edge of the button, but mousing over the inner part makes it disappear. Here’s what I’m seeing: