Is there way to add custom phrases to a feed intelligence trainer before it shows up in content?

I really like the filter capabilities but i’d like the ability to apply new phrases to like/dislike to all the relevant feeds or be able to manually add them. Is this possible?

basically there a phrases i want to block on all feeds

There is a way to do this on the Web UI:

  1. On the site you’re interested in, open any feed item
  2. Start training on the selected item (the What do you like and dislike about this story? modal screen)
  3. The Story Title box is editable! So, you can type any text you want to train on, select it and mark it as thumbs up/down
  4. Once you hit Save Training, the text you’ve typed will be taken into consideration when filtering any new items that come in

If you want to block/boost something on all sites, the above need to be repeated on every one of them individually. As far as I know, you cannot define global training.

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Wow… surprised it didn’t try that. Thanks for the tip.

Oh wow. Game changer :smile::+1: