Is there any way to "wipe" or ignore Intelligence Tracker?

I started using the Intelligence Tracker way back in the day before I really understood what it did – now that I do, and especially now that some of the stories in my feeds are hidden across the site, is there any way to just wipe out Intelligence Tracker? I realize some people love it, but for those of us that hate it, is there a way to just not use it? I’d rather not go through all 100+ feeds and manually set it to still show me the entire feed. It was annoying enough when it was splitting my unread counts, but now I can’t even see all the content. :frowning:


So going through all 100 feeds manually is not a particularly bad scenario. I built the Intelligence Trainer (the one under Manage > Intelligence Trainer) to allow you to cycle through all of your sites and categorize them at once. It’s a fairly great way to do it, since otherwise you’d have to individual hit them all, like you mentioned above.

However, I am more than willing to reset somebody’s intelligence training data. It just requires deleting all of your classifiers. But this should not be an automated action.