Is there any way to de-duplicate my feeds?

I’ve accidentally imported my feeds twice, meaning I’ve got 100s of feeds duplicated, some in folders, some not.  The site is aware they’re duplicate, if I click on 1 feed both copies are highlighted yellow.

Is there any way I can bulk remove the duplicates?  Else it’s going to take a loooong time to do manually.


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Yeah, definitely. Go to > Manage > Organizer. I think it’ll work great for this purpose. Should take you a minute to do.


Organizer works OK, but I’d love if it (A) had an ‘ignore folders’ sort option, and (B) could show the URL of each feed.

Come to think of it… ‘Sort by Feed URL’ with reverse domain sorting would be amazing! (e.g., treating ‘’ and ‘’ as ‘com.example.a-feed’ and ‘com.example.z-feed’, just for sorting)

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Ignore folders has been asked for (this organizer has been in dev for a while because I’m still not quite sure what else it needs). But I’m pretty convinced about that checkbox right now. W’ell see what I can make.


This works awesome, thanks.  But I removed all my folders first, else it was non-obvious to the duplicates as some were way a the bottom in folders.  +1 to the suggestion you should be able to flatten the folder tree/ignore folders temporarily.

Sorry a few more things while I’m here.
I ended up with duplication as the import tool didn’t de-duplicate (despite them often being the *exact* same URL) - unknown if this is a bug or feature, but I can imagine it’d be useful to de-duplicate.  Especially if you’ve jumped between readers like I have and ended up with multiple slightly inconsistent dumps.

It’d be nice if the “Site Settings” option was available from the Organize screen, I’ve somehow got a bunch called [Untitled] so wanted to see what those were.  Also wanted to verify they were actually the exact same URL, so I had the option of working out which was the superior one.

Finally, when doing batch actions on my feed list I got emailed multiple OPML backups - it’d be nice if those were batched so I wasn’t spammed multiple, but not a huge issue.

Digging NewsBlur so far, thanks :slight_smile:

I may have found a solution for the site settings in the Organizer issue. As for the multiple OPML backups, you should have only received at max one per day, regardless of folder deletions or mass edits.

That was not the case, I got 5 within 2 minutes oddly:

Ohh, you weren’t using the Organizer. These are separate OPML imports. Ok, will fix. Thanks!

Oh, whoops, no wonder. It’s because the background task server isn’t running the latest Organizer code.