Is there an app or something that will allow me to add a blog to Newsblur when I am looking at the blog itself

Feedly now has a button which when I click takes me to Feedly and allows me to quickly add that feed to Feedly. Is there a similar mechanism in Newblur. At the moment, to add the feed to Newsblur, I copy the url of the feed to the clipboard, search for and open Newsblur, click the plus sign, select the category and then click OK.

ie: about five or six clicks compared to the one or two that are needed with the Feedly app,

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There are instructions in the settings. Click on the gear and choose Goodies.

Yes, use the bookmarklet, which works on sites directly. There are also a bunch of browser specific plugins - firefox, safari, and chrome - for attaching to the rss feed directly, i.e. when you click on an RSS link.