Is there a way to temporarily disable some feeds?

Right now I want to take a break from reading stuff from a big group of feeds that I spent a lot of time training. I know that in the future I will want to read them again but right now I would like to be able to just turn them off temporarily.

I could just ignore them but I feel like having them there slows everything down.

Is there a way to do this?

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I haven’t implemented this ability because I worry that folks will never know how to turn them back on. You can thumbs down the entire feed easily enough, but if you have the feeds trained, then anything with a thumbs up will still show through. If there’s enough interst in this feature, I could be compelled to build it, but it would still mean going to each feed individually and turning it off and then back on.

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Thank you for your super quick response!

I guess I don’t desperately need this feature. I just thought there might already be a way to do this that I couldn’t figure out.

This is a feature I miss from the free version—the ability to disable particular feeds, for a while. I wasn’t thinking I’d lose any feature by becoming a paid member, but I did. I hereby second this feature request!

I could re-enable the feed chooser dialog for premiums. It’s just hidden. The only worry I have is that if you downgrade then upgrade, all of your feeds would be turned on. Would happen if you let your subscription lapse. But that’s a minority, so I’ll see about turning it on for everybody.

Thanks, Samuel. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the reappearance of the feed chooser dialog. I don’t actually want to downgrade. I use NewsBlur regularly and want to support its development by paying its reasonable user feel.

Deployed. You should now see a new Mute Sites item in the Manage menu. Let me know how that works.

Works great. Thank you!

Hi, Samuel. The article count seems to include some (presumably unread) articles from hidden feeds. Can you please fix this, so the article count includes only unread articles from visible feeds? Thanks!

What’s your username? I can fix that for you.

You fixed it! Thanks for the follow through, Sam!