Is the article would be trunked via the rss feed?


Hi Everyones;

My goal is to use Newsblur to curate news and to republish the FOLDER RSS FEED ADDRESS on Wordpress or Gatsby (this part work for me it is not my matter).

So just before paying for the premium account, I was wondering if this would work as expected.

Presently I use TinyTinyRSS to feed myself and others with news and when I’m in the backend, the news is complete and I don’t have to click anywhere to have access to the full text.

But when I publish the same article, it got trunked around 400 characters.

So my question what I should expect if I put the same feed in newsblur than access this article via the FOLDER RSS FEED ADDRESS or even better the RSS FEED ADDRESS of my blurblog

I means does the article will be also trunked ?