Is NewsBlur going to allow a text search of subscribed feeds?

One of the things I will miss about Google Reader was it allowed you to search across all feeds for text. So if I wanted to find say “Lonely Island”, it will search all my feeds that I am subscribed to, old and new, and return matches.

Is something like that going to be able to happen with NewsBlur? I think some of the other services popping up are offering or plan to offer this.


Yup, this is planned. There’s a few other threads on this topic.


Ok. I searched the topics using the search thing but it seemed not to find any topics.

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Samuel I also looked for a related thread and couldn’t find one.

Are you using a MANTIS or similar tool that can hold bugs and enhancement proposals? I really like Get Satisfaction for usability and conceptual stuff, but using a bugtracker that can manage your releases might also be useful.

It’s not a bug tracker. I like its ephemeral nature, it allows me to actually get on top of it. Anything too old and not being talked about is no longer on top. That’s why I use it.