Is it possible to set preferences to open articles in the background while staying on newsblur?

I prefer to work my way through a number of feeds, opening the ones that interest me so that they can load in the background while I finish going through the remaining feeds.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out a way to make this happen with Newsblur. When I open the feed, it moves me to the opened article, instead of letting me remain on the Newsblur site. Is there a way to remain on Newsblur while webpages load in the background?

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Yes Sam, it would be extremely useful if u can add an option to open articles in the background.

Please kindly consider it.

I am a premium user. I can give u my user id if u want.


you can simply use middle mouse button or pushing scroll…

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This. It’s pretty much standard behaviour for browsers. Left click a link to follow it in whatever manner it has specified be it open in the current tab or opening a new tab. Middle click it and it’ll open as if you had right-clicked and selected open in new tab which opens in the background in most browsers.

Normally I agree with you, but Newsblur has pre-set commands. The command for opening the feed in the browser “follows” the link, and does not permit opening the link in the background. Am I missing something?

My laptop doesn’t have a middle button.

Holding CTRL and clicking the link usually does it as well.

With proper drivers installed (OEM doesn’t necessarily give you the most up to date touchpad drivers) you should be able to configure a two finger tap to work as middle mouse as well.

I can open articles in the background by control-clicking the link when I’m using Chrome and Internet Explorer, but not when I’m using Firefox.

Thanks for the tip. I tested this out and I am still limited to the Newsblur menu which limits opening the article in a new tab that becomes the foreground item. I am familiar with “command clicking” an link to open a menu that permits the link to be opened in the background, but that menu is overridden by Newsblu’s pre-set menu.

I really like Newsblur, am a premium member, and will continue to use it, but being able to set a preference to allow a feed to be opened in a background tab would be very much appreciated.

Works in Firefox to me. What version? What OS?

Ah, yea, won’t work straight in the story title pane I suppose. You have to first select a story and the middle-mouse/ctrl click the title in the feed display area.

Windows 7, version 21.0. I use newsblur in feed mode, and am clicking either the “read more” link or the title of the article in the story pane.

That is strange. I know it has worked in Firefox with Windows for ages so that can’t be the issue and you’re clicking proper links as well so it should work…