Is it possible to re-import feeds from google reader ?

I created an account long time ago but continue to use Google Reader. Now I want to erase my old feeds from Newsblur and import feeds from Reader again.

Is it possible or should I just create new account ?

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Of course you can re-import. Just click on “+” in the lower-left corner to add a new site/folder and in there you’ll find “Import from Google Reader or Upload OPML”. This does exactly what you want: it erases your current feeds from Newsblur and imports new ones from GReader/OPML.

This line “Import from Google Reader or Upload OPML” does not follow the +

New UI was released. Now, to import, you click on the gear in the bottom left-hand corner, then select either to import from GoogleReader or Upload OPML. Also has an option to import starred items from GReader.

It was moved a couple weeks ago from the Add dialog to Manage > Import.

For me it does not clear the Import list.
I removed a lot of old Feeds in Reader, but they still Show up in the Import. Is there a way to clear the Import and only see the current state of Google reader?

Not sure what you mean, but you can erase everything by going to Manage > Account > Erase. It conveniently emails you a copy of your OPML file as a backup, just in case you didnt want to erase everything.

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Ah, yes! Thats what I’ve been looking for, thanks!