Is it possible to globally reset all intelligent trainer classifications?

I would like to undo any and all intelligent trainer classification I have made. But I can’t find a global reset option, other than to visit each feed.


Hoping for an answer to this as well – would like to reset what intelligence training I’ve done and start from scratch.

This is correct, there is not yet a way to delete all training. I could make something, but it should be easy to find it per-feed based on what’s being hidden and what’s being highlighted.

If you give me your username I’d be happy to one-off delete your training.

Would you be able to reset my trainer as well? I’ve been using ReadKit for OSX and the trainer has an unfortunate consequence of duplicating trained stories in the desktop client. It’s not Newsblur’s fault, but still rather annoying. 

Is it anyway to delete all training yet? If not, any chance you can do it for me?

Certainly, what’s your username?

Done (in PM)

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