Is it possible to close story using mouse?

Dear all, I am hoping there could be a way to close a story using only mouse?

I know I can do it using clicking x on keyboard, but is it possible to do it with only mouse?

You can close a story in certain views (List, Grid, and Magazine) by clicking on the title again (or using ‘x’). We don’t have closing of stories in Split view or Full view because it wouldn’t make much sense.

What are you seeing that you wish was different? Screenshots help a lot here!

Hi, thank you for reaching out. As you can see in the gif, I often click and expand a story, read it half way, and decides not to continue. There are 2 major problems I encounter: (it applies to both list and magazine view)

  1. As you can see, I don’t have the option to use mouse to close the story.

  2. After using X to close the story, I was not where I was. I scrolled down a lot while reading that story, when it is closed, I am skipping like 10+ stories because they collapsed upwards.

It really ruins the experience.

I think the way android handles it is optimal, when clicking title in list/magazine view, switch to a full page view of the story, one can exit the story and go back to list/magazine view any time.