IPv6 Support?

When will NewsBlur support IPv6?


Didn’t know it was requested. What’s the purpose of IPv6 support? I’ve heard that IPv4 address space is running out but so far I’ve got an IPv4 so I’m set.

European people might have a problem because there’s virtually no IPv4 addresses left in the region. A lot of people in Europe are behind massive Carrier Grade NAT systems to reach IPv4 sites and that’s just fugly.

I’m in the US so I don’t have to worry about that issue quite yet.

But NewsBlur has its own IP, users don’t need to worry about obtaining their own.

Basically, IPv4 will slowly get less and less usable over time as users are put behind deeper and deeper layers of commercial NATs due to the exhaustion of IPv4 address space. IPv4 at this point is a legacy product that’s only holding on due to inertia, and won’t be able to handle the load forever, so the more sites move to supporting IPv6, the sooner everyone can transition off v4. In the US it’s less of a deal because our ISPs have a lot of addresses still on hand, but elsewhere it keeps getting worse.

Are you trolling? :slight_smile: on my IPv6 only setup I can’t reach any ipv4-only systems. Now I only have the ipv6-only system to test how internet behaves so it’s not an issue for me yet.

Just when it will actually become a “common problem” is hard to say. Don’t think I would put IPv6 on top of my list just yet.