iPhone client: Make it easier to perform actions on an item

Right now it takes way too many steps to be allowed to act on the item. You need to go from the list view, to the item view and then to the original item view.

Please allow actions on an item (share, Instapaper, Tumblr etc) without having to load the original item.


Yup, this is not only planned, but I have some wireframes showing exactly how to do it. Iā€™m going to add the follow four buttons to the bottom of every story (but after you scroll ā€¦ not at the bottom of the screen):

  1. Train
  2. Send to
  3. Share
  4. Save
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Nice to hear about these planned features :slight_smile:

Two more things that could streamline this:

  1. After I tap the Pocket button, the next dialog says:
[Add to read later]   
[Log Out]   
[Cancel] ```   
It would be nice if this dialog wasn't needed. Pocket login details could be configured somewhere else, and the Add confirmation isn't important (because the worst that can happen is I accidentally add a link to my reading list).   

2. After the link has been added, the next dialog says:   
``` Success   
Successfully Added!   
[Okay] ```   
I don't think this is an important notification that has to be acknowledged. Have a look at how the Twitter iOS app does this - they use a transparent notification with no buttons which times out and dismisses iteself.
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This has all been rewritten. If you really want ot try it out, download the beta at www.newsblur.com/ios/download.

I just tried the beta and the new UI for the above is a huge improvement.

Not only is the Send To a button at the bottom, but I rewrote all of those activities so instapaper/pocket/readability work far better and without prompting.