iPhone: Better Layout for "Send to"

First let me say thanks for the new version (1.6) of the iPhone app. Sharing, saving etc. has gotten much easier :slight_smile:

Now I have another idea.

  • I use the “Send to:” functionality a lot
  • there are only three recent methods shown (see screenshot).
  • as I am using Safari, Instapaper, Mail and Pinboard a lot, I need to go to the “More” button a lot
  • maybe you can do this like Safari does it in iOS 6. That would give me the eight recently used items and a “More” button. See second screenshot

It would be cool if you could add this in a future version.


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I don’t believe I can offer Instapaper, Evernote, and the others in the new iOS 6 dialog. I’ll have to continue using ShareKit.

OK, makes sense.

I will submit this as an idea for ShareKit then!

Could you maybe instead offer a way to pick the 3 you want?