iPhone App - Send to Pinboard

Previously, I was able to send stories to Pinboard. However, with the latest update, I no longer see this feature. Was it removed or am I missing something?


I’ve updated the iPad app and am seeing the same thing. It looks like NewsBlur has switched to the native iOS ‘Share to’ mechanism which relies on an installed app supplying the necessary sharing code. If there was a native Pinboard app which could receive a Pinboard link, it would appear on the ‘Share to’ menu. Unfortunately, there isn’t…

This sucks heavily for me, as Pinboard is my central bookmarking site.

A workaround is to use Pocket or Instapaper as a ‘relay’ account, both of which Pinboard can poll every few hours to pick up bookmarks. Not pretty, but it’s the solution I use for Flipboard.

Just curious if there’s any update on this, it was one of the features that helped my pick Newsblur as a service.

Anything on this? Pinboard is more important to me than Pinterest or SMS sharing

Unfortunately, still have not heard anything on this.

Another +1 on Pinboard!

Anoter +1 for this.
Really no answer at all?!?

There is Pinboard support in the latest beta version (but I guess that it is still work in progress).

is it possible to try or is it closed beta?

The beta is available here: http://www.newsblur.com/ios/download . I don’t know how official it is and some of the functionality is still work in progress so try at your own risk :slight_smile:

Aaahh. Great. Thank’s.