iPhone app says server barfed

This morning (post redesign release) I find the iPhone app is always saying “The server barfed!”


It’s even worse now, the UI’s disappeared. Previously it showed the All Stories view that I had open the last time I used the app.

Sorry folks, it’s because you were such awesome beta testers and got stuck with the old app. You’ll just have to download it from the app store. I figured it’s a quick fix since I didn’t have time to build in an auto-update or auto-redirect. The old iOS app points to dev.newsblur.com, which is now down. I’m bringing it back up with new stuff, but not for a few days.

That did the trick! Thanks Sam.

Good news, I fixed up the auto-update on the iOS app. Now if you use it and you’re out of date, it’ll prompt you to upgrade. Easy!