iPhone app not loading articles

News articles are showing up on the website but not showing up on my iPhone .

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Do you have any folders?

No folders.

This might help you narrow down the bug. It appears that as soon as I create a folder, everything shows up on my phone again (even though the folder itself is empty). I tried testing it by deleting the folder again, and as soon as I refresh all the feeds disappear from the phone.

OK, I have a fix for this and I’m just about to submit it for review. Unfortunately it’ll take a week for it to go through, but I can be persuaded to put up an Enterprise build so you can download it immediately.

Yeah, I think your fix is actually better. Just create a dummy folder for now. You’ll be able to delete it in a week.

Thanks Samuel!

This doesn’t work for me, tried to add a folder on the web and tried on the device, still not showing any feeds. :frowning:

Really sorry about that. Apple is a week away from approving the update, but in the meantime I have a great solution.

Visit http://wwwnewsblur.com/ios/download on your iOS device. You can then download an enterprise build. It’s seamless and you’ll be able to upgrade later on (and if you forget or it doesn’t work, NewsBlur will alert you when there’s a new version and prompt you to switch back to the App Store version).

Let me know how that works.

Thanks, it works now.