iPhone App doesn't show the name of the top folder

A minor but annoying interface bug. The name of my topmost folder doesn’t appear in the NewsBlur iPhone app. Literally.

So the visual symptom is that all of the feeds in the topmost folder appear directly under “Everything”, as if they weren’t even in a folder at all.

I’ve hacked around the bug by keeping an empty folder at the top, but it’s not a great fix.

Otherwise, I love the app. I’m here because I fled from my iGoogle home page, which forced me to stay logged into Google all the time. And I love that there’s an app, which makes switching in and out of it much easier than using Mobile Safari + iGoogle.




What’s your username? I’d love to take a look.

I think this issue should be merged with this one here: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

It is the same issue–feel free to merge. I didn’t see the other one in my search (I included the word “app”) in my search. My user name is jzsimon.

Good news! This is finally fixed. It took a while to figure out what the real issue was, since it only occurred on accounts that had no sites in the top level. All of my random testing didn’t meet that criteria, so I finally grabbed the latest copy of the production db, loaded it on my development machine, and had at it with your account. Was simple at that point.

Thanks for your help! Here’s the commit: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlu…

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Thank you! This definitely fixed it for me on the iPhone app.

Issue solved. Thanks for that.