iPhone App continuously showing 59 unread "Focus" articles

My Newsblur iOS iPhone app is continuously showing 59 “focus” articles unread. Using latest version of the iOS app, iPhone 5S. Have already uninstalled app and logged out/in but that did not fix the problem. Not experiencing the same problem on the iPad app.

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That’s bizarre that the iPad app is fine but the iPhone app is borked. Can you do me a favor and upload a screenshot? I don’t want to make any assumptions.

6 photos in the link here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ikumcq4kdr…

There are 5 iPhone photos and 1 iPad

  • iPhone_1 shows when the app opened
  • iPhone_2 is after pressing “All Stories”
  • iPhone_3 I marked everything as read
  • iPhone_4 is the result of marking everything as read
  • iPhone_5 is after a “Release to refresh” pull down on the main screen
  • iPad picture is after this sequence

Beautiful work. Found the issue. The iOS apps are counting saved story tags as unread stories. But only tagged saved stories. Why the iPad isn’t doing it I’m not sure, but I committed the fix and it should go away on the next release. I’ll submit the app for review within the week provided I don’t catch any other bugs.

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Thank you!