iPad Client!

I have the iPhone client on my iPad, and it does the job well, but I it would be twice as awesome if it didn’t have to be uglified by the stretch to the larger iPad screen. Not to mention the potential for embracing more touchscreen aspects.

I feel greedy for just mentioning the idea, NewsBlur is so good and getting better all the time, but I wanted to put it out there that a native iPad app would change my life!


I’d like to second ambrosis’ suggestion. I’m sure an iPad compatible app is already on your radar, but the one thing I miss after transitioning away from google reader is the rich ecosystem of reader apps that sync to that platform.

My primary interest is consuming news from my PC over the web, and Newsblur does a superior job of that. It would be awesome to be able to read the day’s news on my tablet too.

I agree with that, an iPad application would be really great! The iPhone app is just ugly and the web page almost unusable.

Are you trolling? I built both the iPhone app and the website. Both of them are clean and popular with users. If I build an iPad app, it’s going to be largely the same as the iPhone app.

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No I’m not trolling, you should go and try on a iPad yourself.

You can’t scroll the sidebar on the website and trying to “click” an entry like “Everything” is almost impossible at full resolution. So you need to zoom in, double or tripple click the entry (because it never works the first time) and zoom out again to actually read something. There are other problems like no right click ability (no “mark as read” etc.) which makes the website almost unusable.

The iPhone App works but the resolution of the iPad is much larger so you can only zoom the app which looks really bad.

I’m a premium user and enjoy the website a lot on my desktop PC and I’m sure that the iPhone app works good on an iPhone. With an iPad however I don’t use NewsBlur anymore, after the first tries.

Great, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Something very unexpected, but awesome! Good luck, Samuel.

It looks like March is becoming an awesome month, iPad 3 and a NewsBlur iPad app.

Very excited about an ipad app – I’d happily pay for it. Also is there a way to star things on the mobile app?

Just wanted to add my voice to those who ask for an official iPad client.

I don’t need to repeat what others have said. It would make all the difference to how much I use & enjoy NewsBlur on a daily basis.

I would gladly pay for a reasonably priced, nicely done app.


I’m excited to hear you’ll be working on the iPad app soon (if not already). I would absolutely love it.

At the same time, I’d also be happy to just use the web-based version if some minor tweaks can be made to it. It *is* usable for me as is (and a nicer experience than the iPhone version on the iPad) as long as I train myself to use “slow double taps”. To achieve the effect of a single mouse-click seems to require two finger-taps, one to change focus and the other to “click”. But tapping twice too fast invokes the “expand the web page” feature of Safari, so it’s a little hard to get right.

If you could modify the iPad behavior of the web-interface to allow a single tap to work as a click, that would be 95% of what I need and I’d be really happy.

Thanks for your ear,


Jonathan, about a year ago I made some changes to the web client to even allow some iPad behavior. It’s going to take quite a bit more to make it even usable, time that I would much, much rather put into finishing up the social branch before I get to the iPad client.

Thing is, once I build the iPad client, I get to launch it, but then I immediately have to build social into both iOS clients. So it’s going to happen sooner rather than later, especially considering I’m in the home stretch for social. I’m also launching real-time today, so that’s finally out of the way, too.


In u.kleffel’s defense, I’d agree that the NewsBlur iPhone app is ugly zoomed at 2x on the iPad and the NewsBlur website is unusable in Mobile Safari on the iPad. Neither of those is a knock on your existing products, except to say that the experience on the iPad leaves a lot to be desired.

I did put together a solution to this problem that works for me, but it does have some caveats (limited feature set, you need to run the program on a desktop computer, and it only works over LAN). It’s called PlainReader and you can download the (free and open source) app here: https://github.com/lhagan/plainreader


The iPad 3 is expected to come out within the next month. Soon as I get it, I’ll start working on a Universal app. I’m excited for what I’ll be able to do with the iPad, perhaps even integrate the Original view again.