iOS: using external browser sometimes resets the article list to the top

When clicked into a folder/feed,the list of article previews sometimes resets to the top in iPad app after using an external browser (either button or send to…).

Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to reproduce this issue, but it happens often enough to be an annoyance. Particularly when you’re browsing a feed/folder with hundreds of unread items, and you view one in browser, only to come back to a reset UI in NB, and having to find where you left off.

This doesn’t happen in the web since you’re essentially marking things as read when you skim. In iOS, it’s very easy to to skim articles without focusing on them at all.

This could be more of an iOS bug/feature related to backgrounding.

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sorry if this doesn’t make sense…i was sure what you call the various UI elements in the app.