iOS setting to use external browser

It would be great to have a setting to use an external browser in the iOS app when clicking through a story or using button on the top right. Using at least Safari, but a bonus to be able to pick Chrome, super bonus if the jump to Chome has the link back to NewsBlur. Google published how to do this recently.


Let’s see the votes. If it reaches enough people wanting it, I could be convinced to develop the preference.

+1. The internal browser tends to crash the app when visiting poorly designed websites. Opening in chrome would save me some time backtracking into the “read articles” to find what I was reading pre-crash.

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+1. Apps with internal browsers annoy me. I already have a browser app, I don’t need my calendar/email/puzzle app to have their own.…

Has the Chrome documentation on how to link to it. Without having looked, I’m betting it’s even easier to open Safari.

This definitely solves the issue of pages the internal browser doesn’t like, in a way that should be easier to support than trying to make the internal browser better.

From a use case perspective, if I’m clicking through instead of staying in NewsBlur, I probably want to do something with the page like bookmark the page directly, save for a little later, something with a bookmarklet. All of which tend to work better in an external browser.

In increasing order of preference, this would be my votes:
1 - Setting to use Safari or Internal browser.
2 - Setting to use Safari, Chrome, or Internal browser.
3 - Setting to use Safari, Chrome (with return link working), or Internal browser.

On a theory of iterative development, just the first one could be done and add the rest later to keep the development time shorter/smaller. Although, I’m betting the biggest hurdle is just adding any setting in the first place.

I’d like to see “Open in Safari” by default, please.

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