iOS Notification Crash when opening story in top-level feed

When clicking a notification from the NewsBlur app from an iPhone, the application crashes on launch.

Have tested on iPhone 13 / iOS 16.3, NewsBlur App 12.0.5 and iPhone XR 16.2, NewsBlur App 12.0.5. Reinstalling the app does not appear to make any impact as well.

Seems to be the same issue outlined: App crashing upon notifcation, Crash on opening iOS notifications - #3 by Snorlax although sounds like previously patched?

edit: further testing, only impacts specific sites. I can provide a private rss link for troubleshooting.

So I am not sure if I would say it’s 100% fixed. I landed up using a work around at the end of the day. The bug would come and go. If the feeds that are crashing are in your main feed directory, try making a sub directory and putting the feeds that are crashing into that sub directory. In the end I landed up moving all my feeds into sub directories, and I found that made newsblur alot more stable. Infact I have had zero problems since doing so.

Thank you Snorlax, that was a good catch and thanks for the share. I was able to confirm with the feed I was testing with was located in the main directory, and once it was moved into a sub folder it is no longer crashing. :metal:

Fantastic find, we’ll get this fixed soon!

Here’s the ticket:

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I owe you an apology Samual. I forgot to post the work around in orginal IOS Notification crashing thread.

My bad. And it will not happen again.


I work on the iOS app. If this issue only occurs with some feeds, it’d be helpful to have examples, so I can reproduce and fix the issue.

For me I was never able to figure out if it was actually feed specific. It seemed like it was more folder / directory specific. If you were to acces my newsblur account UID Sleepylizard and pick any of the feeds I am pretty they would do it for you. Below are links to a couple of the feeds I remember having issues for sure.

Also I think my uptime robot feed had the issue. I am not posting that feed link publicly though.

I do not know if this feeds would still be problematic as when I made the orginal post it was IOS 15. Were now on IOS 16. If you want I can move around some of the feeds and test how they act and report back.

Thanks for those examples. I’ll give them a try.

I don’t think the iOS version would have an impact. It might be helpful for you to try to reproduce the issue too, if you wish.

So I did some testing, with different feeds. 2 of which I did not have back when I made the orginal post. And yes the bug still occurs.

I am 95% confident the issue is not feed specific. Atleast for my Newsblur account. There is something about how the root folder interacts with the notifications that is different than how the subfolders I created interact with the notifications. The app clearly refrehes when I click on the notifcation and I think it’s in the process of that refresh that causes the crash.

However, in the process of testing I noticed something else that I found interesting and some how I over looked. The badge counter on Newsblur is not working correctly. I get the notification in the apple notification screen however the badge with the unread count does not appear until after I open the app and it refeshes. Only than will the unread badge properly apear with the number of unread items. This is not folder or feed depandent, it’s global.

Discovered it because in the process of testing I would close the app leaving some feeds un-read. Not something I normally do. Even when I clicked on a notifcation that was going to crash the app. Once the app had closed / crashed I would get the unread badge with a number count.

It’s most likely a seperate bug but I am going to include it in this thread / post on the off chance they are related.

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Thanks. I have reproduced the issue and fixed it for the next release.

I’ll look into the badge issue. (Personally I don’t use badges; I don’t need to add any more stress into my life.)

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Thank you for fixing the notifcation issue. As far as the badge issue goes I am quite okay with it remaining broken. The minute I realized newsblur had badge ability I went in and disabled the badge setting in notifications. I completely agree I do not need more stress in my life.

Thanks for all your hard work.


iPhone crashes or goes into safe mode as soon as i open notifications center.

I have tried uninstalling notification tweaks, booting phone with substrate disabled, but still it crashes no matter what i try.

I remember it having around 20-25 notifications before it started crashing and i can’t seem to find any resolution.

Maybe you guys can help me!