iOS: Move Saved Stores to the top of the folder list.

This has happened to me now countless times. I want to refer to a story I saved recently (to show a friend of some such thing). I pull out my phone or ipad and fire up the app, only to be stuck unable to click through to saved stories because it’s covered by the cache status pop-up at the bottom.

I’d like for Saved Stories to be moved to the top of the list to prevent this from happening. I know it might not make as much sense with top=new, bottom=old paradigm, but functionally, I think it’ll be better.

On my iPhone, I only have it set to download 1000 articles, but if it’s been a while since the last sync, the wait can seem interminable when you’re trying to get to an article.


Wouldn’t a better solution be to tap the status bar and have it hide? Because that would be easy to build.

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oooo…i like it. that would be a good solution too. brilliant!