iOS "Mark stories read on scroll", read status not saving?

I recently enabled the setting “Mark read when scrolling past”, but it doesn’t seem to work as intended (or maybe I’m doing something wrong). I’m observing the following behavior:

  1. Scroll through list of stories, confirming that they are marked as read as I scroll past
  2. Return to feed list ("< All" in title bar)
  3. Pull to refresh feeds

At this point, all the “read” stories are again marked as “Unread”. Newsblur correctly respects “Read” status for any stories I manually mark as read, as well as “Mark entire folder…” and “Mark read older…” operations, but not the “read on scroll” setting.

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Yep, we identified this bug yesterday and have issued a fix. It will be part of the massive v6.0 update coming very very soon.

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Thank you, Samuel! Unrelated: I’ve started training tags, after our conversation at XOXO. It’s definitely improved the experience. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! Training is NewsBlur’s #1 distinguishing feature. And it goes both ways, hiding stories and highlighting stories. Each way is a completely different feature and are used differently.