iOS frequently crashes entering folder

I’m suffering very frequent crash-to-desktop on iOS 15.0.2, NewsBlur 10.1.1.

It crashes during navigation between folders. I’ll go into a folder (particularly common in “Global Shared Stories”). The list of stories appears and then I’m immediately dumped to desktop. When I reopen the app, I find I’m in a story named “:earth_americas:”. I go back and am in a folder named “:earth_americas: (null)”. I go back again and I’m at the main screen. I go into a folder and I suffer another CTD.

I’ve tried deleting offline stories, turning off offline stories, logging out and in again, rebooting the phone. No difference.

As I’m writing this, it appears that the single story in my “Blogs” saved stories folder is the main culprit. After both turning off and deleting offline stories, I could get into the “Blogs” folder and open the story. When I open that page in Safari, it is loading very slowly. I’m guessing the website is having problems. But when I tap Back in the in-app browser, NewsBlur then immediately crashes again.

You should join the TestFlight beta and let me know if this is fixed.

I am also having very common crashes but slightly different repro steps.
Similar to the user above, global shared stories is a common culprit.
Go into common shared stories → read story → click “back” button in top left → CRASH. The type of story and length of story doesn’t seem to matter.
I do not see the globe icon or (null) when reloading the app.
I also have this problem to a lesser extent in my own stories but global shared is where I notice it the most.
I have noticed this on iPhone 8 and iPhone 13 pro max.

The problem started on iPhone 8 after I upgraded to iOS 15.

The TestFlight app does not fix my problem. I just generated 2-3 crashes in it.