iOS font size too small when Use System Size enabled - should match Mail client

With Use System Size enabled, the NewBlur font size is too small in the iOS app.

Please match the font size used by the Apple Mail client


Mind posting a couple screenshots to show me what you mean? I already calibrated the font size so I don’t want to change it unless you can show how it’s not correct. Also please show the settings you’re using both in Settings app and in the NewsBlur settings so I can confirm how you’re configured.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for looking at this.  I’ve attached two sets of three images taken from my iPhone 6s:

A: Shows that A1 and A2 are taken with system setting Default
A1: NewsBlur at Default 
A2: iOS Mail at Default

B: Shows that B1 and B2 are taken with system setting Default+2
B1: NewsBlur at Default+2
B2: iOS Mail at Default+2

I do have NewsBlur iOS client set to “Use System Size” = Yes.

I have my phone set to Default text size all the time – except when I use NewsBlur, when I have to set it to Default+2 to make it more legible.

To my eyes, the font size of NewsBlur at Default+2 looks about the same as the Mail client at Default.


I also want to suggest at the same time – also for the sake of usability, readability, and accessibility –  that the UI on mobile devices move to black and white instead of shades of the current fad in the UX world of shades of grey.  Greys are just one more thing that make the UI hard to read.  Look at the big difference in contrast in the screenshots here between Newsblur and the iOS Mail client.  

I see that nothing has happened here. To me this is a no brainer: Apple’s iOS Mail app is one of the most used apps, and it has a certain font size for each system font size setting – why wouldn’t Newsblur just match the font size? It seems pretty obvious to me.

As one of the other posters wrote, this is a basic accessibility issue. Newsblur is the only app for which I have to temporarily change the system font size setting. And I use a lot of apps.

Oh I see what you mean. Does anybody else think the fonts should be bigger on System Controller fonts? I like it this way but I understand if it doesn’t match then it probably should.

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