iOS "Copy" share option copies html of entire story, not story title + url

Latest iOS + latest newsblur app, not sure this is the desired behavior as it’s now how “Copy” works in the rest of iOS. If you select the “Copy” option you get the whole story’s HTML copied into your clipboard, but if you select view in Safari first, then choose share->copy, you just get the story title and URL to it copied to the clipboard so you can paste it in an IM window or something.

Is it really more common you want the entire HTML of a story copied to clipboard instead of the URL?

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I can confirm this and would prefer if copying a story only copies the URL and the title.

Doesn’t look like I can edit the typo in my question, but it should read: " it’s not how Copy works in the rest of iOS"

Awesome,. thanks for this report. Fixed and will ship within a week.