iOS Beta: turn off three column layout

Is there a way to disable the three column layout and go back to the two column? I had hoped usage would get me used to it, but the three column layout just doesn’t work for me. I look3d through settings, but didn’t see an option.


You’re going to love the TestFlight build I’m submitting today.

Nice. I’ll keep my eyes out for it.

So I updated to the latest beta & it told me I could change from three to two columns. I can’t figure out how though…

It’s in the menu on the story titles list. Right now it’s Tile/Overlay/Displace but I’m about to change it to what you’d expect. I also think it could be added to the feed list menu as well.

Just launched the change with the new menu.

Still struggling with getting it to only be two column layout…I have things set but you’ll notice in the screen shots, it still divides into 3 columns.

The left column (feeds) should hide once you tap on a story. Or you can drag the area highlighted below to the left or right to show or hide the left column, as well as the area between the two columns (which may involve swiping in from the left side of the screen).

It all works very smoothly for me. Is any of that not working for you? You may also want to try the “Auto” option as it has a button to toggle the feeds column on and off, if you don’t like the swiping.