iOS app v12.0 showing image previews in story titles even when turned off

Just an FYI, the new iOS app is displaying images in the feed, even with the ‘No image’ selected. (12.0.1)

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll get it fixed in the next day or two. Here’s the ticket:

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Thank you! BTW, are you going to restart the TestFlight program? Had been part of that for a while.

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I use TestFlight periodically when we have a large update. We have the grid view coming to iOS next, and that may get TestFlight. We also have a catalyst mac app coming that brings the ipad app to macos, and that will be awesome.

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Sounds great! Will anyone with the old TestFlight be automatically added? I definitely like working with the betas, don’t mind helping the testing out!

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That’s great about the catalyst app. In the interim, I use nativefier to create a Mac “app” for NewsBlur:

Samuel, I’m not able to see everything on this link, and trying to avoid signing up for more forums/etc.
This started happening to me yesterday as well, but also the light/dark modes are randomly changing on it’s own, and the headers are not as visible when looking at the folders (i.e. my personalized headers/folders underneath “all site stories”).

Has this been part of this as well?

Any update on this? I see it’s been fixed in the source code, just waiting on the other fix to go (which is also affecting me, lol)


+1 for this - I’ve been checking the App Store frequently for updates in the hopes seeing a fix for this bug as I find the images in my feeds really distracting.

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I wish this forum had polls. Does anyone actually use this setting given that the photo is cut off and very small?

Most people do use image previews! You may not be able to see the image fully, but it helps you recognize the story. I’ll be submitting the iOS app update today to the App Store.


Looking forward to the update! Thank you very much Samuel, much appreciated!

Awesome to hear, thanks!