IOS App using website preferences?

Can preferences saved on the website also be activated on the IOS app? I want to save posts to Delicious, but this is only available for me on the website. I rarely use the website, so having the app set up correctly is a priority for me.


Well, you’re asking two things. 1) Preferences that have an analogue on iOS and 2) preferences that do not yet exist on iOS.

As for 1, that definitely won’t happen. Things like collapsed folders should not be shared, since people want to see different things on web and mobile. Other things like default story order are coming to v3 of the iOS app, which is less than a month away.

As for 2, I just don’t have delicious support on IOS yet. I don’t plan to either, since there is not yet enough demand.

Any chance Evernote will be appear soon as an iOS share option?