iOS app - the age is showing

The lack of updates to the ios app starts to show. I am experiencing regular crashes, problems with updating to the web (when I start the web the read articles are shown as unread), server barfing messages, the list goes on.
Note nothing major but it is beginning to show - age (not sure that’s the correct word)
Don’t get me wrong. I love newsblur (both the service and the app). It’s the most used app on my phone. I’ve tried (and bought) the alternatives feeder and unread but although pretty I think the newsblur app wins in usability department.

So this is mostly a shout out to not forget the newsblur app  ;-)

(I’m using latest ios9 dev)


Here’s the thing about the iOS app. I have an updated version that I’ve been using for the past few months. I haven’t experienced any crashes, so it’s quite possible that the fix for something you experience is already in. But I haven’t released it because I’m trying to continually add more features to the release.

I’m going to have a chance to get back to the iOS app next. It’ll be the first thing I work on, but I’m all tied up on completing another major project that all of my energy is devoted to it. But I’ll be back on iOS soon.

Also, a fair assumption would be that I was holding out for iOS 9, which is absolutely true. But it’s pointless to develop against the beta, since many of those crashes are fixed for the GM. I’ll put a release out as soon as iOS 9 is out.

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Fair enough. Looking forward to the update. 

As I said it’s one of the most used/loved services/app on my phone