iOS app shows all feeds as null

All feeds display as empty when clicked. Feed title usually doesn’t display either

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Woah, that’s weird! You pull to refresh and it goes away? What happens if you tap on one of them?

Oh, you mentioned it above that they’re empty. Something seems off, since I’ve never seen this before and not much has changed.

Also, you can try downloading the latest beta:

Possibly it has something to do with my subscription? When I log in to the site it shows I am on a free account. But my account shows I recently paid $24. It also shows I paid $24 in May but I don’t think that’s the case. I’ll have to check my statement.

Nope, that wouldn’t be it. iOS actually works like that no matter the subscription. Try running the latest build I linked above.

The new build didn’t help. Attached is the screen displayed when I click on a feed for a minute or two until finally it says “request timed out.”

I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting go to’s; sign out, sign in, reboot, reinstall, switch to LTE, test on neighbors wifi.

Good news! Fixed the issue. Just pull to refresh. Turns out you have a free account and haven’t logged into the website. If you did, you would have been presented with a feed chooser to choose your 64 feeds. I added some logic in to auto-select 64 feeds for you if you haven’t done so already.

Okay great. I actually do have a paid account. There is a screenshot above showing payment in June as well as May. I don’t remember paying in May so that might have been an auto renewal? Not sure, but either way I should definitely have a paid account. Are you able to fix that as well?

Ohh, that’s interesting. I just upgraded you, so you should be set. And I believe what happened is that you were downgraded but you weren’t on the web since then. Why you were downgraded is odd, since the payment came in. I’ll have a look at it, but now things should work.