iOS App Orientation Detection error while changing orientation with in-app browser

When switching from portrait to landscape or vice versa while using the in-app browser, the app seems to get confused and displays the incorrect view.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any store in full view
  2. Open the in-app browser link for the article
  3. Rotate the the device to another orientation
  4. Close in-app browser

The content will have rotated correctly, but the theme banner and other controls do not.

For bonus points, sometimes when starting in portrait when multiple stories are available (so you can swipe left/right to get to them), and switching to landscape while in the browser, the stories will appear at the same time overlapping each other in the UI.

While this error does not occur every time I’ve tested, it has happened the vast majority of the time.

This is a minor error.

Test with iOS 6.1.4 on an iPhone 5, with the newest publicly available version of the app in the app store. Untested on any other device or on iOS7.

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