IOS App - deactivate animations and titles hidden behind folder name bar

I am just trying out the IOS app. I just want to very quickly shuffle through all my feeds. But the animation between those feeds slows me down a lot. Can I deactivate them just like in the browser window? So the feed does not swipe away from the screen and another one comes up but it just instantly switches to the next one.
The other issue I have: I always have this bar with the current feed/folder name on top, and it cuts off the title of my news so I cannot see the whole title. How can I either turn this bar off to see my news fullscreen or make the title stay lower?
I am using the buttons at the bottom to switch to the next feed but its scrolled up so far that the title is blocked every time by this bar. It only happens when I push “scroll down to next” not when I use “scroll up” but usually I have to use scroll down…

Can you post a screenshot of this happening? I don’t know if I’ve seen cut off feed titles before.

Also, if you can post a screen recording of the animation you want to remove, we can make it happen with a preference. But I need that recording/screenshot to do so.

Thanks for your fast reply. Its just the standard swipe animation. The previous message swipes to the left or up and a new one swipes in. Can I deactivate that?

Here you are: The Title is cut off by the menu bar.
And I really need to disable the animation when hitting “next” in the bottom right corner. This swiping drives me crazy… Thanks for your help!

I think I canot upload a video here, but heres the wetransfer link to the animation video… I guess its pretty obvious anyway.

Happy new year! Will there be an option to turn off all animations? I would love to use your app on Iphone to be able to apply filters on the go. But with those animations is unuseable for me…