iOS app crashing when tapping on links

I’m having several problems recently; one I saw a post on and replied. Similar issue with first story not being marked as read, but I can’t recall if it occurs in single feeds, or when I have multiple sites in a feed I’m reading.
Here was the link for this: Mark read on scroll in iOS app

The other two issues I’m having, is that when I first load on iOS (using latest update as of today), it stalls a few seconds (approx 10-15 seconds) before I can open into a story, or scroll.
Occasionally with this, it’ll crash and close.

The third thing which also started recently (ie, all these within last few months), is that it’ll randomly crash and close when I click on links and bring up the in-app browser. I’ll re-open, have to wait the 10-15 seconds for it to start scrolling again, go back to the same story, and try again. More often than not, it’ll crash again.

The first issue has been fixed and will go out in an update soon enough.

As for the crashing issue, do you know the feed that is causing the crash? We’d love to take a look. A screenshot of the offending story would also be helpful, right before you tap on it.

Sorry, just saw your reply (notice went into spam folder instead of inbox). I has occurred on multiple feeds; including The Kitchn, Apartment Therapy, Babylon Bee, Not the Bee, plus others. (I usually open them because the whole story doesn’t come through on the feeds, particularly the images. Often times, The Kitchn and Apartment therapy won’t load story at all, so that’s why I’m trying to load the page).

What phone are you using?

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Seems to occur only when I click on the title and not when I use the compass to open into the native in-app browser

What’s your username, I want to see if it’s account specific.

Here’s the ticket, so hopefully we can reproduce it and fix the crash: