ios app begs me to upgrade to incompatible version

Every time I switch to NewsBlur on my iPhone running iOS 5, I’m prompted to upgrade with a dialog with this text:

You should download the new version of NewsBlur.
New version: v3.0
You have: v2.1
[Cancel] [Upgrade!]

When I tap on [Upgrade!], I’m taken to the app store where I learn that the new version is incompatible with the installed version of iOS.

I would love to permanently dismiss this notification since I can’t upgrade to the shiny new version. Seeing it *every time* I switch to the app is a bit much.


This will never happen unfortunately, since I’m not releasing updates for old OS’s anymore. The latest release is iOS 7+, but the previous release from only a month ago is iOS 6+. If you can’t upgrade to iOS 6, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything about it. Especially as I can’t go back and upgrade an old version.

That’s too bad, but I understand your dilemma. Thanks for the reply!

While I understand not spending the time to support older OS versions, it’s quite unfortunate that those who can’t upgrade have to get this compatibility message every time. It’s really not about the new features, just about the message.

I’m really sorry to hear this.

I’ve been with Newsblur for 2 years of subscription and today I had to cancel my auto renewal.

I understand you have to push upgrades, but this not the way to do it… If other firms can figure it out, then basically your just using it as an excuse do ditch and drive upgrades,

How very Apple of you.

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Other firms can, but other firms have more than one guy working on it. The idea here is that he wants to focus on new devs, and not on supporting several older versions. Same goes for the web version. It’s unfortunate, but understandable.

I’ll remove the upgrade message, since that means I just need to change the active max version. Thanks to automatic updates in iOS 7, I’ll can just use that message if I ever have a backwards incompatible change (which I don’t think I will).

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Thanks, Samuel!

i run ios 6.1.4 on both iphone and ipad. i do not receive any messages like that, but i do want to update Newsblur app to 3.5. Unfortunately, it’s said that new version supports only ios 7+.
Why did you do that. I hate ios 7+ and will never update my devises to this version. At the same time I do want to use the latest versions of Newsblur, cause it’s my favorite app.
Any ideas about it?

It uses a ton of iOS 7 conventions and the look. It’s iOS 7+ for a reason.

Am I right that you never ever add iOS 6 support for newsblur app?!

Thanks for removing the message, it’s really appreciated.