iOS 5.0b1 feedback

Feedback on beta1:
The swiping seems to be fixed.

in-app safari view is fast and responsive

the ios share-sheet is borked. some extensions do not show up

In my testing I feel NO lag  :-)

In some feeds , when I try to open webview it opens wrong article 


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Hah, it’s a bit early for the build. I have another build coming up that fixes most of the bugs I’ve found. However, there are still some rotation issues that I’m butting heads with, and I have to leave for a wedding tomorrow and won’t be back working until Monday.

I wished I could have put out a second beta but there exists a rotation bug that loses your position when you rotate. I fixed a whole lot of other rotation bugs, but this one popped up at the last second. And I just ran out of time to fix it. So expect a release early next week.

If you’re getting lots of crashes or really want this fixed beta, I can upload it.

I get no crashes at all on my 5s. It’s very solid.

The most annoying thing is that safari opens the wrong page. And it’s not just the site I mentioned.

Ok, just pushed out v5.0.0b2. It may or may not address what’s going on here. Let me know what it does and doesn’t! And I know about rotation losing your place.

The wrong story bug should definitely be fixed. Boy was that a weird one when I found it.

Wrong story bug is fixed. Great :slight_smile:

Share sheet shows std extensions that is some extensions I have don’t show up

That may not be NewsBlur’s fault, as it’s using a system-level call to show those extensions. They may just not be ios 9 ready. Do you see them from other apps?

Yes. I see them in other apps. Also in previous newsblur app. It is fx 1password, peace, launcher.

beta 2 feedback:

been using it for awhile now and heres my two cent.

* The title when you share an article is HUGE. It’s like you get the whole article in html format in the header. tested with pinboard and sharing link through message app

* now after a few days it has started to lag. and quite severe too.

* as said before the share sheet omits some extensions

Wow, nice catch on the Messages share. Yeah, it’s only supposed to be sending the title and URL. That’s the formatting used for Mail.

Lag, huh? Go into Preferences and delete the offline cache. Pull to refresh the feed list and let me know if that’s faster. Also try lowering the # of stories saved from 10k to 5k or 1k.

Hmm, I’m not sure how to get the other share extensions. Which ones aren’t showing up? I’ll try installing what I can and testing it out.

Cleaning the cache seems to work but after awhile it starts lagging again. Seems it’s related to the cache.

Hmm. Is the beta offline or is it my system that is the trouble?