Internet Explorer 10

I can’t seem to open the newsblur preferences or account dialogs in IE10 after the site update. Click menu link…nothing happens.


WFM in IE10 on win7.
Try to reboot your computer or clear cookies. This is not a problem between newsblur and IE10 I think.

Well, I have the same on IE 9 - actually no item in the settings menu does anything.

I also reproduced this. Activating Developer Tools and looking in the Console reveals the following after clicking on the “Preferences” menu item from the “Gear” menu:

common.js, line 265 character 447 ```

Also reproduced, and notified Samuel of this a month ago. NewsBlur no longer works in IE9 or IE10.

“SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘removeExpression’
common.js, line 265 character 447”

"This element is obsolete and should no longer be used. Removes the expression from the specified property. "…

This seems to have been fixed. That was fast :).

Cool! Looks like it was fixed.

Yup, deployed this yesterday morning. Hard to track down all the relevant threads. IE9 and IE10 were fixed with the same line of code.

I’m still not seeing the left column. I have deleted cookies but that didn’t seem to do anything. Any suggestions?

Solved by clicking on compatibility view - looks to be working fine now